“Desecration 2” Poster, 24x36”

$45.00 USD


Simultaneously charming and grotesque, this headless statue of a little girl with flowers gathered in her skirt prepares to curtsey. Let this Gothic black and white poster remind you to always keep your head.

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“Desecration 2” Poster, 24x36”

Add a touch of sophistication to any room with this fine art, semi-gloss poster. Printed on thicker, higher-quality paper than traditional posters. 

* 24x36”
* 10 mil (0.25 mm) thick
* Fingerprint resistant

After you order, your poster will be printed especially for you, usually within 2-5 business days. The printmaker then ships it rolled directly to you.

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* Resources are only used to create posters people want.

* Eliminating warehouse space saves energy.

* Less shipping trips mean less impact from transportation.

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This statue in Asheville's Riverside Cemetery marks the grave of Lucile Francis, who died at 7 years old.

Beneath the statue, an epitaph reads:


Daughter of R.L. & M.A. Francis.
Born April 9, 1894
Died October 2, 1901
Too fair for Earth she
Plumed her wings for Heaven.

Lucile was the first child of her parents, Robert and Margaret Francis, which must have made her loss especially difficult.

She also left behind a younger brother, Robert, who was 5 years old at the time. Three years after Lucile’s death, her parents welcomed twins, Margaret and William.

Lucile’s siblings all fared better than she, living into their elder years.

As for the statue, I haven’t been able to find out when it lost its head.

It may have been vandalized along with the statue of Fannie Jackson Reynolds, which is also beheaded. (See Desecration 1.)