“Transcendence” Poster, 24x36”

$45.00 USD


Statue of the archangel Gabriel, one hand holding a horn and the other pointing up toward Heaven. Behind him, billowing clouds fill the sky, with peach tones at the horizon shifting to pinks, purples, and blues up top. Let this poster bring you divine inspiration.

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“Transcendence” Poster, 24x36”

Add a touch of sophistication to any room with this fine art, semi-gloss poster. Printed on thicker, higher-quality paper than traditional posters.

* 24x36”
* 10 mil (0.25 mm) thick
* Fingerprint resistant

After you order, your poster will be printed especially for you, usually within 2-5 business days. The printmaker then ships it rolled directly to you.

This makes your order more environmentally sustainable because:

* Resources are only used to create posters people want.

* Eliminating warehouse space saves energy.

* Less shipping trips mean less impact from transportation.

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(Note: Posters print without watermarks. I include those on web images so that no matter where they end up, people will be able to find my website.)


One of the most popular angels, the archangel Gabriel is best known as a messenger of God who delivers prophecies and carries out God’s will.

Christian literature and art often depicts Gabriel holding a horn, interpreting him as the angel who blows a trumpet to announce Christ’s return to earth and the resurrection of the dead.

In cemeteries, however, Gabriel’s horn symbolizes the soul’s ascent from earth to Heaven.

This Gabriel statue re-emphasizes that idea with his finger pointing up as well. (Perhaps this grave’s resident was doubly worthy?)

While Gabriel figures prominently in Christianity, Judaisim, and Islam, the major reasons for his importance differ:

* Christians venerate the Annuciation, when Gabriel visited the Virgin Mary to announce that she would bear God’s son, Jesus.

* Judaism views Gabriel as the protector of Israel.

* In Islam, Gabriel (Jibril) revealed Allah’s teachings to the Prophet Muhammed; these teachings became the Qu’ran.

Gabriel’s gender is not wholly agreed upon. Though generally regarded as male, he’s often portrayed androgenously (as in this statue) and occasionally seen as female.

Many people include Gabriel in their prayers or pray to him directly.