“Feet Last” Poster, 24x36”

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“Feet Last” Poster, 24x36”

The disturbing image in this creepy art poster shows the severed legs and feet of a robed figurine lying in the grass. Hang this black and white poster to add an unsettling touch of horror to your dorm room, Halloween decorations, Gothic home decor, or other dark aesthetic.


One foggy day while driving through Carabelle, Florida, I spotted a little cemetery and felt compelled to stop.

Walking through the cemetery, I found these dismembered legs and feet lying in the grass. No sign of the rest of the figurine.

The figurine could have simply succumbed to the hazards of indefinitely standing around outside.

Yet it felt like a grisly discovery. Like the figurine had been brutally attacked, its legs cast aside and left as a perverse message.

I recall that I took the photograph with the feet pointing up to convey a sense of wrongness.

Why I framed it so neatly I’m not sure. In looking it at, though, it strikes me that the legs and feet look like they’ve been peacefully laid out to rest.

So perhaps it was a subconscious effort to give them a metaphorical burial – to put things right, as it were.