Do you possess an insatiable curiousity? A love of the arts, history, or nature? An interest in the peculiar? 

If you answered yes to any of these, then Muses Miscellany is the place for you. Here you will find a sanctuary of sorts, with a variety of curious notions for cultured eccentrics like you.

What type of curious notions, you ask? Muses Miscellany is pleased to offer:

*  Open edition prints and products with a vintage flair.
*  Assorted wordsmithery to entertain, inform, and inspire you.
*  Eclectic, plant-based recipes and cooking tips.
*  Whatever else seems interesting enough to share.

Thank you for visiting, and enjoy exploring!

Karen Joslin

Creating Order from Chaos

When I first settled on the name Muses Miscellany for this endeavor, it seemed a fitting way to combine disparate elements into a cohesive whole.

Still, a tiny voice at the back of my mind whispered, “A more perfect name might exist.” Only after researching the Muses and miscellanies in depth did I realize just how apt it is.

If it’s possible to be an unwitting disciple, then surely I’ve been a disciple of the Muses my entire life. The disciplines governed by the Muses have always fascinated me primarily the arts and history, and secondarily astronomy.

In fact, when I was about six, I wanted to be an astronaut so I could walk on the moon. With each step, I’d slowly float up into the atmosphere, gazing out at the vast darkness shimmering with infinite stars and whirling galaxies.

What might I learn in those transcendent moments? Perhaps the universe would reveal its secrets to me.

The Muses knew such secrets because they were blessed with the divine knowledge of everything throughout time and space. This divine knowledge formed the wellspring of their roles as goddesses of inspiration, entertainment, and education.

Just as the Muses embodied knowledge, miscellanies compiled it. These compendiums evolved from ancient scrolls to illustrated manuscripts to printed books, finally morphing into magazines during the Victorian era.

Miscellanies included any sort of written and illustrated work, often mixing genres, styles, and subject matter.

Some miscellanies published works by those usually unrepresented in literature, such as women and the working class.

Perhaps it’s no coincidence that miscellanies loved the Muses. They appeared in text, images, and such titles as:

*  The Harmony of the Muses (1654)
*  Musarum Deliciae (1655)
*  Musapaedia, or Miscellany Poems, Never Before Printed (1719)
*  A Muse in Livery: or, the Footman's Miscellany (1732)
*  The Muses Library (1737)
*  The British Muse (1738)
*  A Banquet of the Muses: or The Miscellany of Miscellanies (1746)

I’m happy to bring this time-honored tradition to a modern audience.

Cabinet card of Karen Joslin as The Fool, juggling an ancient lyre, flowers, an antique spoon, a vintage camera, comedy/tragedy masks, a stack of books, and a globe.

© 2020 Karen Joslin & Doug Boyce 

Random Things I've Done

First attempted playwriting in kindergarten, sadly foiled by total ignorance of plotting and character development.

Indulged ballerina dreams in ballet class for about five years.

Played the viola with other music students in concert at Wolf Trap.

Started skulking around cemeteries with my camera during the Goth Years.

Spun vinyl as a DJ at WNUR 89.3 FM, Chicago’s Sound Experiment.

Wrote and performed stand-up comedy — one of the most terrifying feats I've ever attempted.

Wore a bear costume and engaged in wacky hi-jinks in a show that taught kids how to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

Helped create an alien baby preserved in a jar of fluid as assistant art director on a sci-fi short film. 

Optioned two screenplays and rewrote a script for independent producers in La-La Land.

Talk to animals. All the time.