Cabinet card of Karen Joslin as The Fool, juggling an ancient lyre, flowers, an antique spoon, a vintage camera, comedy/tragedy masks, a stack of books, and a globe.

© 2020 Karen Joslin & Doug Boyce 

I’m one of those people who hopes that reincarnation exists, because there are too many interesting things to cram into one lifetime.

I created this site for fellow Polymaths, the strange and unusual, and aesthetes.

(Fun fact: the word “Polymath” derives from the Muse Polymatheia, whose name means “thoroughly educated.”)

My mission here is to inspire, entertain, and enlighten others.

I do that through a diverse collection of fine art photography, articles, and healthy vegan recipes.

My love of history, nature, and the mystical heavily influences my work.

Thanks for visiting, I'm glad you're here!

All the best,

Karen Joslin

A Brief Assortment of Things I’ve Done

Some for money, some not.

* Screenwriting
* Acting
* Live comedy (improv, sketches, stand-up)
* Film & video production
* College DJ at WNUR 89.3 FM
* Communing with animals