“Bluebird of Happiness” Poster, 36x24”

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Make any space as unique as you are with this beautiful, original poster print.

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Mockup of a 36x24” “Bluebird of Happiness” poster in a black frame hanging over a contemporary-style bed. The room is bright and airy, with accents of light wood, grays, tans, and black.

Bring joy and inspiration to your dorm room, cubicle, or home office wall decor with this pretty poster. It’s also perfect for your vintage home decor, with the antique feel of a hand-colored, black and white photograph. And it’s a beautiful expression of your romantic academia aesthetic, with its soft pastels, bluebird, classical lyre, and mini roses.


… and over our heads will float
the Blue Bird singing of beautiful and impossible things, of
things that are lovely and that never happened, of things that are
not and that should be….

~ Oscar Wilde, “The Decay of Lying”

In many cultures around the world, bluebirds symbolize happiness and hope.

Some Native American mythologies associate bluebirds with the rising sun or the return of spring. Besides hope, these also imply resurrection/regeneration, making the bluebird a fitting symbol in a cemetery.

The cemetery bench in the photo above combines the bluebird with a lyre and miniature roses, two other generally happy symbols that also convey deeper meanings.

In ancient Greek mythology, the lyre is a signature instrument of the Muses and Apollo, who most often strummed and sang at happy festivities.

However, as keepers of history, one of the Muses’ most important tasks was singing at heroes’ funerals to ensure they’d always be remembered. Those who didn’t receive this honor would be forgotten in time.

Funnily enough, roses were a favorite flower of the Muses, who sometimes wore roses in their hair.

Roses symbolize beauty, love, and hope. In Christianity, roses are strongly associated with the Virgin Mary and, therefore, purity.